These exercises are ideal for speeding up circulation and opening up blocked arteries and other blood vessels. When the circulation is increased through emcee, the blood is purified in the lungs and oxygen is carried to all parts of the body. A normal, healthy heart cannot be injured by these exercises, regardless of how long or how strenuously you do them.

Weak persons should start slowly, and work up to a vigorous performance. These circulatory exercises are beneficial not only M a normal but to an injured heart as well, just as to any other muscle. They condition your heart just as they do your visible muscles. Refuse to listen to people who try to frighten you may from exercise! The heart is a muscle and must be exercised, if it is to remain strong. By exercising you are building a vigorous, strong heart and body! Every one of these exercises should be done daily.

This will require about 15 to 20 minutes—little enough time to invest in a healthy heart and a healthful life!

If you have a sedentary position … if you spend a lot of time sitting or standing .. you should do these exercises 2 or 3 times every day. When you are on a long automobile drive, stop and take these circulatory exercises every hour. The more you do them exercises, the better circulation you will have … and better circulation means a stronger heart! When at home, follow this exercise period with the Special Bath, as described in the following instructions.


This is a progressive method for improving the circulation over the entire body. Your equipment includes a large beck brush or Swedish bath friction mitt, a cake of geed, imported castile soap etc

Get into the shower bath and turn on the hot water. Make it es hot as you can comfortably take it. Now with soap and brush or mitt, comb your body thoroughly. At first your coddled body will not be able to take much pressure from the brush or mitt … so go lightly! As you condition your skin to vigorous workouts, however, it will be able to take an enormous amount of scrubbing. After you have washed your body thoroughly in hot water, start cooling the water down .. . cooler and cooler to the coldest temperature you can possibly stand without feeling a shock or too great a reaction.

For wonderful relaxation of tired muscles and refreshing – stimulation, alternate the hot and cold water several times, letting the shower spray heat heavily on back and shoulders. I advise business people on days when they come home tense and tired to take this relaxing shower before dinner. They find it makes them refreshed and relaxed.

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