Your walking should never be done self consciously. No heel and toe business.

No getting there in a certain time. Let it be what it is—the most functional of exercises. Walk naturally—with head high, back hollow, chest out, tummy in. Swing your hips into action and your body, too … walk as though your legs began at the middle of your torso. Breathe deeply.

You will get such a feeling of physical elation that you will carry yourself proudly—straight, erect, arms swinging easily from your shoulders. Go your own gait, with a free spirit and a light heart. If the outer world of Nature fails to interest you, turn to the inner world of the mind. As you walk your body ceases to matter, and you become as near poet and philosopher as you will ever be. You can truly “walk your worries away.”

As the blood courses through your arteries and veins cleansing and nourishing your entire body, you are filled with a sense of wellbeing that cleanses your mind of its troubles and nourishes it with positive thoughts. Often as I stride along on my daily hike, I say to myself—and sometimes even aloud with each step—”Health … Strength … Youth … Vitality.”


Every day I con for my life—because a now a day may help keep heart attacks away! This type of running is known as jogging, as practiced by many athletes in training workouts—a steady, easily sustained pace with head up, shoulders back, arms swinging naturally.

Boxers, baseball players, soccer and football players—in fact, all athletes consider running or jogging as the perfect conditioner. It is standard on programs of physical training the world over. I have been “running for my life” every day of my life for over 80 years. When I am on my world lecture tours the first question I ask the hotel manager is, “Where is the nearest park where I can take my daily jogging and rooming?”

And off I go sometime during the day. I prefer early morning or late afternoon. Each person, however, should choose the time best suited for him.

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